Cirad/Breedcafs project introduces climate-resilient hybrids in Vietnam
1 September 2021
Breedcafs | Final Review Meeting
22 December 2021

The BreedCAFS Success Story

Successful selection and dissemination of coffee varieties adapted to agroforestry.

The selection of hybrid varieties of Arabica coffee adapted to shade, derived from crosses of wild Ethiopian coffees with American varieties, makes it possible to compensate for the loss of productivity inherent in agroforestry cultivation, while increasing the sensorial quality of the coffee produced.

Investment made by the coffee industry in the financial support of hybrid seeds ensures their adoption and massive dissemination among small producers worldwide.

Participate at the BREEDCAFS Final meeting and find out more about project activities and final results. The event is free and open to public: it will be held online on the 23rd of November 2021.

Click on the link below to participate!

Meeting ID : 827 4337 1428
Password : 612108

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