26 April 2022

BREEDCAFS: a Vietnamese success story for the coffees of tomorrow

26 April 2022 BREEDCAFS project has brought together partners who are convinced that the future of coffee growing lies in agroforestry. In Vietnam, one of the […]
22 December 2021

Breedcafs | Final Review Meeting

The Final Review meeting of Breedcafs project took place on 14-15 December 2021. The meeting was held online and was attended by the Project Officer Alina Kozacenko and […]
22 November 2021

The BreedCAFS Success Story

Successful selection and dissemination of coffee varieties adapted to agroforestry. The selection of hybrid varieties of Arabica coffee adapted to shade, derived from crosses of wild […]
1 September 2021

Cirad/Breedcafs project introduces climate-resilient hybrids in Vietnam

  An interesting article related to Breedcafs research project and activity in Vietnam has been recently published on the website Comunicaffe.com. Click here to read the […]
22 June 2021

28th Conference ASIC 2021

The 28th ASIC Conference on Coffee Science will be held from 28 June to 1 July 2021 in Montpellier SupAgro (France) and it will be in full video format. At the […]
10 June 2021

Closing meeting of the BREEDCAFS project in Vietnam

10 June 2021 Closing meeting of the BREEDCAFS project in Vietnam “Towards sustainable F1 hybrid Arabica coffee value chain for North-western provinces” On May 28th 2021, […]
24 May 2021

“BREEDCAFS ending” meeting organized in Vietnam

24 May 2021 “BREEDCAFS ending” meeting organized in Vietnam In Vietnam, where the Covid-19 was under control during the past months, the BREEDCAFS project activities have […]
17 March 2021

New Arabica F1 hybrids created overcome local varieties in Vietnam for cup quality

17 March 2021 In the North-West mountainous provinces of Vietnam, the H2020 BREEDCAFS project investigates since 2017 the agronomic performances of the new Arabica F1 hybrids […]
5 March 2021

BREEDCAFS Project in BSPP Infographics Student Competition

5 March 2021 This year the British Society for Plant Pathology launched its first student infographic contest to encourage a new way of communicating science. Athina […]