15 May 2019

Mission in son La and Dien Bien Phu (Vietnam)

Mission in son La and Dien Bien Phu provinces in the North-west of Vietnam to phenotype the C. arabica F1 hybrids planted in the 12 “Demoplots” […]
20 January 2019

WP1 Trial #6 El Frances (Nicaragua)

11 January 2019

Nicaragua WP3 On farm trials

15 September 2018


State of the trials in September 2018, Fumbot station, Cameroon (Month 16 in Breedcafs calendar)
22 June 2018

Mission to Vietnam – June 2018: Plantation of the trials of WP3

20 May 2018

Mission to Vietnam – May 2018: Holes preparation for the plantation of the trials of WP3

20 April 2018

Mission to Vietnam – April 2018: visit of the potential places to install the trials of WP3

21 March 2018

Successful moving of the hybrid plants to the North-West coffee culture region

A cautious logistic operation has been followed to organize the transfer of the Hybrid plants. The Vietnamese team has processed the transfer, under the coordination of […]
22 January 2018

Mission to Nicaragua