The race to develop coffee that can survive climate change
2 March 2018
Mission to Vietnam – April 2018: visit of the potential places to install the trials of WP3
20 April 2018

Successful moving of the hybrid plants to the North-West coffee culture region

Starnaya plants transfered from AGI to NOMAFSI Son La

A cautious logistic operation has been followed to organize the transfer of the Hybrid plants. The Vietnamese team has processed the transfer, under the coordination of Tran Duc TRUNG (VAAS) and Pierre MARRACCINI (Cirad).

These plants had been acclimatized in the AGI greenhouse, in Hanoï. After 3 months of intensive care the plants are ready for transfer to NOMAFSI, in Son La, in view of their further planting (June 2018).

(Credits “Pierre MARRACCINI”)

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