Vietnamese and French authorities visited the BREEDCAFS DEMOplot
8 January 2021
New Arabica F1 hybrids created overcome local varieties in Vietnam for cup quality
17 March 2021

BREEDCAFS Project in BSPP Infographics Student Competition

5 March 2021

This year the British Society for Plant Pathology launched its first student infographic contest to encourage a new way of communicating science.

Athina Koutouleas is a PhD Coffee Leaf Rust (Hemileia vastatrix) student, under the supervision of Associate Professor Anders Ræbild at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. She entered the competition as a personal challenge in communicating an enticing story about some of her work with BREEDCAFS to a wider audience.

She says: “My PhD is a part of the BREEDCAFS project centred around the future of coffee cultivation with agroforestry as a proposed production method, climate change in context and coffee breeding as a potential solution. It is a huge body of work across continents and collaborating with more than 70 researchers – all with the shared interest in saving your cup of coffee!”

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