New Arabica F1 hybrids created overcome local varieties in Vietnam for cup quality
17 March 2021
Closing meeting of the BREEDCAFS project in Vietnam
10 June 2021

“BREEDCAFS ending” meeting organized in Vietnam

24 May 2021

“BREEDCAFS ending” meeting organized in Vietnam

In Vietnam, where the Covid-19 was under control during the past months, the BREEDCAFS project activities have been carried on according to plan. This allowed us to see the end of the project with serenity. To showcase the work of the past 4 years and share the results with all stakeholders, a local “BREEDCAFS ending” meeting was organized in the NOMAFSI station of Mai Son (Son La province), Tuesday 20th April.

The meeting gathered researchers of CIRAD, VAAS, AGI and NOMAFSI who followed the project activities in Vietnam since 2017 and ensured the scientific validity of the results. This meeting was also the opportunity to invite the 12 farmers who managed the DEMOplots (7 and 5 in the Son La and Dien Bien provinces, respectively) where new coffee varieties were planted and monitored. The local authorities of DARD, the People committees from Mai Son, Thuan Chau, Muong Ang and Tuan Giao municipalities, the Son La Coffee Association, and representative of several processing coffee companies such as ACOM-SMS, Phuc Sinh, Detech, Minh Tien, Bich Thao, Hoa Lu, and Cat Que, for example, also attended this meeting.

During this meeting, several presentations were done to share with the audience the first results of agronomic performances (plant height, yield, bean physical characteristics, etc..) of Coffea arabica F1 hybrids compared to the local Catimor variety. Preliminary results of quality cup-tests performed at Phuc Sinh compagny (see previous “BREEDCAFS News”[1]) were presented. Farmers were able to give their own feedbacks about the project and new varieties. This meeting was also the opportunity to foster dialog between local stakeholders and stimulate the dialog platform between all BREEDCAFS’ partners. In round tables, representative of VAAS, DARD, NOMAFSI and private Cies discussed the next steps after the project end, in particular the steps needed for the accreditation process of the new varieties in accordance with MARD guidance. All participants showed their enthusiasm regarding the new varieties and their performances, and committed to continue working together beyond the BREEDCAFS project. With the support of ECOM-Vietnam, they committed to continue producing F1 hybrids in local nurseries (AGI, NOMAFSI, Phuc Sinh, farmers…) and to set-up the necessary field surfaces required for the accreditation process, beyond the cluster of 12 ha already planted in Son La and Dien Bien Provinces in the framework of BREEDCAFS.

With the help of Phuc Sinh and Bich Thao companies, all the coffee beans harvested in 2020 from the DEMOplots were roasted and ground and proposed for degustation to the participants during coffee breaks. Some for the farmers tasted their own coffee for the first time. Coffee beans were also conditioned in bags of 250 g and were distributed as gifts to participants. Similar BREEDCAFS coffee bags will be distributed during the formal “BREEDCAFS ending” meeting planned to be organized in Hanoi at VAAS headquarter and French Embassy in the forthcoming weeks.

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1: BREEDCAFS coffee beans packaged in 250g bags. 2: Starmaya coffee beans used during coffee break (3). 4 & 5: BREEDCAFS meeting at NOMAFSI station of Mai Son (Son La province). 6: picture of participants.


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