Réchauffement climatique: au Mexique, la production de café en péril
23 November 2017
Mission to Nicaragua
22 January 2018

News from South America – October 2017

Coffee farm AFS cluster business driven Nicaragua

The project coordinator, Benoît BERTRAND, has met the BREEDCAFS partners in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The activities in South America cover a wide range of the project objectives: almost all workpackages (WP1, 3, 4 and 5) are represented, throughout the research carried out by the local partners and the presence of the BREEDCAFS stakeholders (coffee research, exporters, coffee outgrowers). For what regards WP1 (Understanding coffee responses to biotic and abiotic stresses) the device observed on site shows that no fruits have been collected yet but experimental work is ongoing. The F1 hybrids examined in a selected coffee farm in Nicaragua are viable. The cultivated plots monitored in Costa Rica should be promising too. Moreover an expected outcome of the project is an economic integrated approach of agroforestry, by the organisation of the coffee production in agroforestrian clusters (AFS Clusters). The meetings recently organized in Nicaragua by the Foundation NICAFRANCE with representatives of outgrowers and exporters is an evidence that a step forward is reached to establish the basis of this business driven model.

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