The Race to save Coffee
19 October 2017

Presentation of BREEDCAFS coffee hybrids

Mundo Maya – H16 / EC16 | An F1 hybrid from a cross between T5296, a rust-resistant descendant of the Timor Hybrid, and a wild Ethiopian accession "ET01“. High yielding variety in healthy soil, with very good quality at elevations >1300 m. Adapted to agroforestery systems. Breeder: CIRAD-ECOM

Presentation of 11 varieties of coffee under investigation in the BREEDCAFS project.

Photos from one block of the on-farm trial at the Zaragoza estate in Nicaragua at 1030 m a.s.l., September 2017.

Configuration of coffee varieties in the on-farm trial block.

Variety descriptions based on WCR variety catalogue.

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